eCommerce Social Media Marketing

With over 2.3 billion Facebook users, 380,000 tweets sent per minute, and over 4 billion Instagram likes per day social media is a vertical that online retailers can’t ignore any longer.  Using thorough research, highly targeted audience segments and high performing ads we can help you improve the ROI of your social media spend.

Social Media Advertising Matters

Too many online retailers write off the power of social media marketing as they presume that users frequent these websites and applications purely for the social engagement of friends and family.  That couldn’t be further from the truth – customers now regularly follow their favorite brands and products via social media, and expect to see products within their social feeds that match their interests.

We can help you create highly targeted audience segments and create engaging and high converting ads to serve customers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Our team can leverage the advanced targeting these platforms offer, and provide you with a transparent and high performing paid social media campaign.  


Of all adults in the United States use Facebook.


Is the median engagement rate of paid Instagram ads.


Of social advertisers use Twitter’s ad platform.


Social Campaign Management

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the main drivers of online social advertising spend, and user engagement with paid ads across these platforms continue to increase. Our team can help leverage the highly advanced targeting abilities of these platforms, and get your products and services in front of the users that are primed to purchase.

Our team is 100% transparent with our reporting, and generally, clients can expect a 6x-8x return on their investment in social media marketing. Whether you are only running a few hundred dollars in ads a week, or have thousands of product ads running already we can help you tame your account and get incredible returns for your ad spend.

Conversion & Tracking Setup

Your social media ad budget and returns should be one of the most transparent reports you receive thanks to the advanced conversion and tracking setup available through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Before a dollar is even queued up in your account it’s necessary that your business takes the time to properly track not only your ad performance but the revenue and conversions you’re earning.

Our team knows that no platform or online business is the same, so we take the time to understand the key conversion points your business focuses on, and tailor our ad campaigns to bring you results.

Ad Copy & Creative

Even with such advanced targeting capabilities, a campaign is only as good as it’s ad copy and creative. Paid social media ads have to compete with user-generated content and without elegantly designed and engaging ad creative you’ll be struggling to earn clicks.

Whether your team is focusing on creating video, image, or text ads we can help you find the media type that fits your audience and create long-lasting engagement with your brand and products.

Advanced Segment Targeting

Social media platforms provide a treasure trove of targeting data for business to use but taking advantage of all of these data points can be overwhelming – especially when companies are starting their first foray into paid social media ads.

Our team of experts has years of experience setting up highly targeted audience segments and help your ads find customers that are ready to buy your products or services.

Ready to learn more about our Social Media Marketing solutions?

We know how well our paid social campaigns perform for our clients, and we want to help your team get the full potential out of your social campaigns.

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They provided us with excellent customer service. They were always willing to talk, answer questions, concerns. We're very upfront and transparent with their strategy. Helped is to grow our online presence and increase sales through social media marketing.

Adam Rabeda / CEO Wheelie Guard
Adam Rabeda / CEO
Adam Rabeda / CEO

Digital Karbon knows their stuff. They fixed several issues in our Google, Bing & Facebook accounts. The process was easy and transparent. Our ROAS got way better and revenue grew.

Barry Berhoff / CEO  Shurhold
Barry Berhoff / CEO
Barry Berhoff / CEO

My Google Ad account was a mess and out of control when he started. Now, it is cleaned up, optimized, and producing the best quality leads we have ever seen. My business is finally stabilizing and on a consistent upward trajectory. Just EXCELLENT!

Maya Jedlicka / CEO Cosmic Canine
Maya Jedlicka / CEO
Maya Jedlicka / CEO