eCommerce SEO

Keeping your eCommerce store accessible in search rankings is only part of a multi-faceted marketing strategy we develop for every client. Our custom SEO program helps your site rank and develop a long-lasting and profitable traffic source.

eCommerce brands need SEO – there are no more excuses.

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce stores is a necessary marketing channel to focus on for business owners these days and continues to be a driving force in online store revenue. We take a custom approach for each client and based on an exhaustive keyword research and technical audit process we’re able to identify the most impactful changes that can help stores rank quickly, and keep their lead for years to come.
For large eCommerce stores, small search engine optimization changes to your store’s page templates can create large opportunities when that template is shared across thousands of products. Using research from competitors and identifying content strategies that work allows us to expand your ranks beyond your product pages and reach your customers even earlier in their customer journey.


Of all online revenue is driven through organic sources.


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Technical SEO Audits

Our Technical SEO Audits can shed light on issues plaguing even the largest of eCommerce websites. We update the tests and checklists within our audit monthly and continually refine our process to bring your team the most impactful changes either our development team can execute – or your internal team can handle.

We identify the core issues that need fixing, walk you through the implications of each issue, and provide you with a clear example of how you can fix it.

On-Page Optimization

Once we’ve identified your on-page issues through our Technical Audit, our team focuses on executing our recommendations, optimizing on-page keywords as well as establishing proper keyword siloing, and focusing on taking advantage of every SERP feature available such as reviews, featured snippets, and product markup.

By using competitive and keyword research we can focus your existing category and brand hierarchy to build authority for these high trafficked pages.

Content Strategy & Optimization

Most organic traffic that directly hits product or category pages is from customers who are already deep into their customer journey. By identifying the online research a customer performs earlier in their lifecycle, we can create high-quality content that helps establish your company as an expert in their field, and create a valuable resource to build a relationship with your customers before they are even ready to purchase.

In addition to long-form content, our team excels at creating keyword-rich product descriptions that can help set your individual pages apart from your competition.

Off-Page Optimization

While content may be King in the SEO industry, there’s no denying that high-quality inbound backlinks are a necessity when trying to rank for high volume and branded keywords.

Our organic SEO strategies focus on creating valuable on-site linkable assets that belong entirely to your brand, as well as performing consistent content marketing and link outreach in order to keep your brand sitting consistently in the search results.

Ready to learn more about our eCommerce SEO solutions?

We’d love to hear from you. We offer a free SEO review for any website owner interesting in learning about where they stand in the search results and how we can work together to nurture their organic traffic.

Call us directly at 781-779-6150 or fill out our contact form to learn how Digital Karbon can help grow your organic revenue.


They provided us with excellent customer service. They were always willing to talk, answer questions, concerns. We're very upfront and transparent with their strategy. Helped is to grow our online presence and increase sales through social media marketing.

Adam Rabeda / CEO Wheelie Guard
Adam Rabeda / CEO
Adam Rabeda / CEO

Digital Karbon knows their stuff. They fixed several issues in our Google, Bing & Facebook accounts. The process was easy and transparent. Our ROAS got way better and revenue grew.

Barry Berhoff / CEO  Shurhold
Barry Berhoff / CEO
Barry Berhoff / CEO

My Google Ad account was a mess and out of control when he started. Now, it is cleaned up, optimized, and producing the best quality leads we have ever seen. My business is finally stabilizing and on a consistent upward trajectory. Just EXCELLENT!

Maya Jedlicka / CEO Cosmic Canine
Maya Jedlicka / CEO
Maya Jedlicka / CEO