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Our eCommerce PPC experts have helped drive millions of dollars in revenue through high performing and high converting PPC campaigns. Whether you’re a small online store just starting up your first AdWords account or looking to organize and optimize your existing campaigns we can help.

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High Performing Google Ads & Google Shopping Management

Managing your Google AdWords PPC campaign and Google Shopping can be a daunting task for business owners juggling multiple projects a day. You shouldn’t be throwing good money towards bad keywords – we have a proven track record of delivering high ROI campaigns for our clients and helping them continually track, revise, and improve their PPC campaigns.
Our data-driven approach to eCommerce PPC allows for us to maintain transparency as well as focus on the keywords and ads that are delivering a positive ROI for your brand. With our experience with Remarketing, Google Shopping, and Merchant Center Management, we can deliver a fully scalable PPC campaign custom-built for your site.


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Google AdWords

An initially underperforming Google AdWords campaign can leave business owners nervous to increase their paid search budgets and miss out on what is an increasingly popular paid marketing channel. With a properly optimized AdWords campaign, business owners on average are making $8.00 for every $1.60 spent in an AdWords campaign.

Our team has the expertise to quickly diagnose and fix issues plaguing an underperforming Google AdWords campaign and get your ad spend under control while delivering an impressive ROI.

We identify the core issues that need fixing, walk you through the implications of each issue, and provide you with a clear example of how you can fix it.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads offer businesses a unique opportunity and our team of eCommerce PPC experts can help do what it takes to get your product feed created, your ads vetted, and ultimately get your products to appear in the Google Shopping results.

We know what it takes to turn users from browsers into buyers, and we’ve helped our clients drive millions of dollars in revenue to their eCommerce stores through our paid search campaigns.

By using competitive and keyword research we can focus your existing category and brand hierarchy to build authority for these high trafficked pages.

Product Feed & Merchant Center Management

Successful Google Shopping campaigns rely on a well-maintained product feed and a flawless Merchant Account. Creating a clean product feed and linking your store’s inventory, specials, and product data can be a daunting task for a business owner.

Our data integration experts can help organize your storefront and allow your products to syndicate automatically as you make adjustments to your inventory and product selection.

In addition to long-form content, our team excels at creating keyword-rich product descriptions that can help set your individual pages apart from your competition.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing has become a powerful way for eCommerce site owners to squeeze the value out of every site visit. By using a cookie dropped on every site visitor’s browser, remarketing ads allow you to serve your site’s visitors display ads across other websites they visit.

With your brand name still fresh in a customer’s mind, remarketing ads can help you close the gap and bring those valuable customers back to your storefront to complete their purchases.

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They provided us with excellent customer service. They were always willing to talk, answer questions, concerns. We're very upfront and transparent with their strategy. Helped is to grow our online presence and increase sales through social media marketing.

Adam Rabeda / CEO Wheelie Guard
Adam Rabeda / CEO
Adam Rabeda / CEO

Digital Karbon knows their stuff. They fixed several issues in our Google, Bing & Facebook accounts. The process was easy and transparent. Our ROAS got way better and revenue grew.

Barry Berhoff / CEO  Shurhold
Barry Berhoff / CEO
Barry Berhoff / CEO

My Google Ad account was a mess and out of control when he started. Now, it is cleaned up, optimized, and producing the best quality leads we have ever seen. My business is finally stabilizing and on a consistent upward trajectory. Just EXCELLENT!

Maya Jedlicka / CEO Cosmic Canine
Maya Jedlicka / CEO
Maya Jedlicka / CEO